I left for my “field trip” in Madaripur early Saturday morning last week. I was in a car with two colleagues I hadn’t met before. It took a while to get out of Dhaka with all the traffic and pick the other two up but once out everything turned greener and got more rural. Dhaka […]

FYI: No internet in the apartment meant that this post was meant to be posted last week but is being posted now. On Saturday we visited “Old Dhaka” with a Bangladeshi colleague from our office who had planned a full day of places to go. Leaving at 8am and returning at 7.30pm we really did […]

The weekend started on Thursday night. We all finished at work quite late so we headed to the German Club to use the pool – it was so so nice. I haven’t used an outside pool without feeling cold after getting out for a long time and it’s so refreshing to get into the water. […]

Sunday was my first day of work. It took the day to get myself set up. The organization I work for and in particular my project has grown exponentially as it has been very successful and so starting this week there is a new building for everyone to move into. As well as this, there […]

nOmoSkar! (Greetings [for Hindu/Christian – slamalykum for Muslim] – different according to culture!) This weekend really made me realise that I’m gonna really enjoy my time here. I had a lie in yesterday morning which is still an absolute luxury after this term, and then my housemates and I had some breakfast together. Our apartment […]

This morning is my first morning waking up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I arrived early yesterday morning shortly after watching a beautiful sunrise from my window in the plane. It was a very quick trip to the luggage belt as I was met by some airport chaperons organised by my employer who got me through security […]

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