Last week I finally met with the owner of a beautiful nearby cafe and Japanese restaurant. I was hoping to propose to him that he housed some Hope for Life products so we could sell locally as well as online and in the UK. It was a hugely successful meeting – not only has he […]

The weather really cooled down last week, and so did the pool! I am still swimming every morning and a last week it was the first time I think I’ve ever been cold since being here (apart from in freezing A/C!). It was breezy and spitting rain and the pool water has dropped from 32 […]

I spent a fantastic 10 days in the south of France with my family and friends, my mum promptly bursting tears as I walked into our kitchen as a total surprise. It was the perfect break, the fresh air, relaxed atmosphere and deserted villages a complete¬†antithesis to Dhaka. On my way and way back I […]

This week has been very busy. We had a nice dinner at a colleagues house where we had a “fusion” of Nepali and Bangladeshi food and some interesting talks about religion and spirituality.¬†I had the absolute honour to meet a senior criminal law through a very lucky connection one evening, and we had a really […]

As I realised I was starting my sixth week here, I soon realised it was ending – which means I am now half way through my time here! It’s gone so quickly and it’s made me panic! I have now organized a few day trips for the upcoming weeks to get out and see things. […]

I ended up not going to the wedding. The ceremony was going to be just a dinner with the bride and groom sitting on a stage and everyone there (often hundreds) taking photos with them. I spent my weekend out with friends both evenings in various clubs. Friday there was a hash in the Botanical […]

I got back from my trip on Thursday early evening – just in time to go out to dinner. My stomach was screaming for western food as bengali food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 days was a bit much (rice or chapati every meal, including breakfast..). We went to a restaurant we had […]

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